Care Tips

The best care for your knives:

To enjoy your knives for many years to come, make sure to follow these care instructions.

  • use a wet cloth to clean the knife immediately after using it
  • do not leave the knife unclean, especially after handling acidic foods
  • do not use corrosive or abrasive cleaners
  • knives with wooden handles should not be placed in the dishwasher or left in standing water
  • to avoid injury to a person or damage to the handle and blade, place the knife in a block, never keep it in a drawer.


The best care for your scissors:

To enjoy your scissors for years to come please follow these care instructions:

  • scissors should be used for cutting appropriate materials, this will ensure accuracy and sharpness of the blades
  • store scissors in a dry place
  • store scissors with the tip up to avoid bending
  • put a drop of oil on the screw once in a while
  • only get scissors sharpened by an expert. We'd gladly assist with your search .
  • scissors for manicure should always be stored in a case.